About our EMT Training Program



Becoming an EMT is a huge decision that comes with unique responsibilities and the highest of stakes. Everyday our graduates are responding to critical situations where they truly are the difference between life and death. There is no feeling more rewarding than having the family of somebody you saved or the individual themselves seek you out to thank you for performing a life saving service that very few people on this planet are capable of executing. When an EMT responds to an accident, they are joining fire fighters and law enforcement on high risk missions, or are transporting a patient; knowing what to do is only part of the equation. We believe that hands on simulation is essential. This is why we have created a facility that will reproduce lifelike scenarios our students are likely to encounter to ensure our students know what to do and are comfortable doing it.

What is Required to Become an EMT?

An EMT is trained to be the front line of defense when it comes to emergency situations. EMT’s must exhibit competence when supervising emergencies that require the use of all Basic Life Support equipment and skills as outlined United States Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Books. 

Whether you desire to train as an EMT is for a hospital or on an ambulance, a lifeguard at the beach, on ski patrol or search and rescue, fireman or paramedic, Oxford Ambulance Association will provide you with the education and hands-on training you need to make it! For those individuals preparing to obtain higher levels of medical training such as RN, PA, or MD, our courses will teach you the skills and will give the exposure you need to improve your odds to gain a competitive job advantage.


Since 1954 Oxford Ambulance Association, a non profit organization has provided life saving training to lay persons, athletic coaches, day-care providers, firefighters, students, police officers, EMS professionals, nurses and physicians. As a non-profit organization, our emphasis is on our clinical excellence, not our profits, which has led to our high certification rates.

Our program exceeds the National Education standard requirements by providing additional training to prepare you for real world applications. Some of our additional training you will receive during your EMT course includes National Incident Management Systems ICS 100/200/700/800 Certifications, HazMat Awareness, Blood Borne Pathogens Certification, and American Heart Association BLS CPR for the Professional Rescuer. All of which make you job ready upon certification.

If you have any further questions before registering for our program, please feel free to reach out to Keri McDermott our Training Coordinator. Her email address is [email protected]