Our History

Oxford Ambulance Association was established on November 9, 1954. A devoted few put everything in their lives on hold to begin the task of meeting the Town's growing needs of medical care. Local businessmen, firemen, housewives, teachers, citizens, and the community as a whole pulled together to provide the Town of Oxford with its first community-based Emergency Medical Service. OAA began its service with a used Hearse-style ambulance that was donated by our neighboring Town of Beacon Falls. The ambulance was housed in the old Center Firehouse located on Rt. 67. OAA evolved as times began to change and the need for quality, more advanced EMS grew. In the early 1970's OAA added a second vehicle anticipating the Town's growing needs. Over the next twenty years OAA participated in the greatly advanced field of emergency medicine, adding new equipment and the leading edge pre-hospital care for the citizens of Oxford. In the early 1990's OAA began its separation from the Oxford Fire Department. OAA and OFD, recognizing the need for the organizations to be two distinct entities, finalized the separation on July 6, 1994 with a Town Ordinance revision. With equipment and training costs on the rise in the 90's OAA was forced to look to the Town that is has served so well for increased support. The Town agreed to assist the ambulance corps with additional funding for equipment and also assisted in the purchase of a new ambulance. Our dedicated members fulfilled obligations, many times putting their families, jobs, and lives on hold to help a fellow neighbor. OAA members serve the community on a daily basis and go above and beyond the basic requirements of an ambulance organization, providing, among other things, public safety programs, CPR training, First-Aid training, and senior citizen programs. As the Town continues to grow and change as does OAA. Which brings us to today. In an attempt to better serve our neighbors and community as a whole, OAA has again come to the Town that is has served without interruption or question for the past 65+ years and successfully brought a third ambulance online. OAA is a community organization, which has historically proven dedicated to the Town of Oxford, and wishes to continue to serve its fellow neighbors.