About Us

"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"

OAA was organized by its members and townspeople to provide responsive, friendly service to a treatment facility. The organization's purpose is to acquire, equip, house, maintain, and operate three or more ambulances service for the Town of Oxford, without profit, subject to law and lawful regulations; To provide residents of the Town with non-profit ambulance service and transportation for the sick, injured, and disabled, within the Town of Oxford, to various institutions, hospitals, and other places convenient to the Town.

With over 1000 calls each year Oxford Ambulance Association relies on its volunteers as the backbone of our organization. Our volunteers are made up of mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, neighbors, teachers, students, fire firefighters, retired police officers, paramedics, medical students, engineers and many more. The current roster of volunteers includes approximately 50 members, of which about 20 members are currently active by participating in the on-call schedule. Between 2018 and 2019 our volunteers put in over 55,500 hours of their time. Whether you are looking to give back to the community or you are looking for clinical experience volunteering with our organization makes a difference. If you are interested in volunteering email: [email protected]

Oxford Ambulance Association is dedicated to providing emergency medical services and education to the Town of Oxford. We currently provide mutual aid “back-up� service to the Towns of Seymour, Beacon Falls, Southbury, and any other Town that requests services in our area. Oxford Ambulance Association also sponsors an Explorer program for youths ages 14-20 that live in the Naugatuck Valley area. We have committed ourselves to injury prevention programs such as education in the school systems and we are currently starting a CPR / First-Aid program in our middle school.